Bisnestaikurit can find even the client you didn't know existed

With more than 20 years of experience, magician Juha Laurila has been performing since he was a child. Later, he realized that the interest and strong emotional reactions provoked by a magician could be used to increase the visibility of companies. Laurila uses his magic to attract clients to company booths at trade shows and corporate events.

Sales trainer Reijo Mylläri has decades of experience in sales management, combined with vast knowledge of human behavior. He has studied sociology, communication, social psychology, psychology, and NLP techniques.

As a combo, Magician Laurila and Reijo Mylläri are a sales-making team that offers more bang for your buck than dynamite. Before the event, Mylläri coaches the sales team. At the event, Laurila shifts through the masses to find potential buyers and brings them to your booth. Finally, Mylläri and the highly trained sales team of the company close the deal.

The services provided by Bisnestaikurit includes trade shows, corporate events, sales training, as well as an extensive range of support functions in three core business areas.

Bisnestaikurit will work wonders for the image and sales of your company. You have to see and experience it for yourself. We can guarantee that you will be amazed.