Effective Lead Generation

Generating actual high-quality leads at trade shows has proved to be one of the most significant challenges to companies. Finding desirable, potential clients within the masses can often be challenging even for experienced sales people and experts who are used to different types of sales activity. Failures in client acquisition can frustrate the sales people, which means that the trade show investment becomes a wasted opportunity. Trade shows full of potential clients are left to the competition.

Screening actual clients, raising their interest within a few dozen seconds, and getting them to your booth requires specific skills. Skills which may not be included in the everyday competencies of sales people, but which are available to business magicians who specialize in meeting and influencing people with years of experience.

Bisnestaikurit has created an effective and tested [linkki referensseihin] method, which can be used to provide more than 100 high-quality potential clients for the sales people. Your sales team is immediately able to operate within their comfort zone, to use their expertise to arrange on further sales measures

High-quality sales leads, closing hit-rate and sales result

When you know your closing hit-rate, you can easily calculate the probability of converting high-quality leads into sales.


Specifying your objectives and measuring the results is essential

To achieve results, you must specify clear, measurable objectives for the trade show.

Together with the customer, we specify objectives for

  • The number of high-quality leads
  • Future bid volume
  • Orders / sales
  • Repayment period for the trade show investment
  • Operation of the sales people and other personnel

These objectives are used to create the best possible service package for each customer, which will enable achieving the specified objectives.

Price of the trade show booth or Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Are you only focused on the cost of your trade show booth or are you interested in the sales result?

Small acid test:

  • Calculate your total costs from a previous trade show (including both direct and indirect expenses).
  • Calculate the number of actual orders or bid volume gained from the trade show.
  • Calculate the ROMI.
  • Specify the period in which the trade show investment repaid/will repay the investment.

“This has all been done before, I don't need training!” If you have heard your sales people and other personnel say something like this, you should definitely contact us.Business magic will not leave anyone cold.

Turn your cost-conscious mentality into maximizing the returns on sales

Trade shows are explicitly a marketing event, which you can use to calculate how effective and productive your client acquisition actually is. Bisnestaikurit can turn costs into returns. Even one day at trade show can provide your sales people with up to 100 high-quality sales leads. With 10,000 euros worth of products and a closing hit-rate of 35%, you can increase your sales by 227,500 euros.


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