Trade shows

In the digital age, searching for information and trade are increasingly moving online and into social media. Trade shows are becoming the last place where you have the opportunity to meet potential clients face to face. Those who can utilize this opportunity can leap ahead of the competition.

However, it can be difficult to stand out or be noticed at a trade show. According to studies, humans spend 3–5 seconds looking at a trade show booth. Stepping out from the crowd and approaching a booth requires a sufficiently interesting reason or stimulus.

A magician is highly likely to get people to stop. The appearance of a magician generates strong emotional responses: shock, surprise, and finally relief. A magician is a rare sight. When we see them doing a trick, we want to see more. A magician will engage 95 people out of 100 to approach your booth.

However, it is likely that not all trade show visitors belong to your target group. The magician is very aware of who you want to engage with. Their tricks are designed in a way that lets them find the right persons. The trick could even by customized to make your company or product a part of it. If the person is not a potential buyer, the magician will quickly and politely move them along. If the person does belong to your target group, the magician will lead them to your booth to show them something interesting.

At the booth, the trick is observed by the top-sales trainer of Bisnestaikurit as well as the customer’s sales team, who have been thoroughly trained on how to meet potential clients. The trick incorporates the customer’s products or services, from which the client chooses or dismisses those that interest them and those that do not.

When the trick is over, a sales person can engage the client in a discussion on something they are actually interested in. In addition, the client has received a positive emotional experience. Humans are more likely to make decisions and are more open and trusting when they feel good.

Results speak for themselves.

Results speak for themselves. A magician can, on average, provide your booth with 100 leads per day precisely within the target group of your company.
With an average sale of 5,000 euros, when 35% of sales are realized, your sales for one day at a trade show will amount to 175,000 euros.


This was definitely the best trade show ever. This was really good, thank you. Something new and interesting for once. A company represented by Bisnestaikurit is noticed. Recently, a company represented by them became the most tweeted booth at the show and was the subject of a news article.